Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Angels Recommend

I don't know if the group that put this blog up are still using it or not but i have been working hard on my personal one. There is alot of new stuff to check out and we have started a worth a looks page where we are posting up a different artist link every day for the next 100 days. Different artist from around the globe.

We like to connect people togeather so if you like fresh ideas and love different styles of art work follow the link to my blog then hit up the worth a look section.

We have also started helping the Peace and Human rights act so if you have spare time why not help us out with that just by clicking the link and answering some questions.

If you like our work then you can also join our fan page @ Our fan page has this that the personal blog may not have such as videos and new T shirt designs which we sell and promote through the fan page. Thanks and keep creating!!!

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