Monday, 9 March 2009

A big Fat Thankyou to Tony!

Student Union recently sent out this message to students but I thought I would post it on the blog in the hope more of you saw it...

Recently the Telegraph newspaper ran an article on the artist Tony Hart - best remembered for his art programme Vision On and 'Morph':

He was in his eighties and had suffered several strokes which had left him unable to draw or paint anymore, up until his death last month.

He has given so much to the art world and for many of us was the first inspiration to pick up a pencil or paint brush and give it a go - he made Art Fun.

I would like to see Tony Hart honoured for his contribution to Art especially the 50 years he has given to television and promoting art.

As students of 'Art' it would be wonderful if you could join the 500 names already on the petition to get Tony Hart the recognition he deserves.

The link is below - please take the time and trouble to add your name to the list and pass it on to as many other friends and colleges as possible.

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