Saturday, 29 November 2008

Saul Steinberg

I came across a great book in PCAD library 'Saul Steinberg, Illuminations'. Hundreds of brilliant illustrations by this Romanian born illustrator/artist. At first glance there were just some unusual drawings that caught my eye, but when you look deeper, there are some very important/humorous/interesting messages within his work, some of which seem even more relevant to today than when he created the pieces.
Some great drawings inspired by the line, which i wish I had seen before we made the line journal! Also some great images where he has created what others have described as 'mental geography' such as 'view of the world from 9th Avenue' and 'stadium at night'. But if you get a chance, read some of the ideas behind his work as it really effectively 'illuminates' your understanding of his work.
go find his book in the LRC and check out his website link below, where I found this description that I think explains him best...

"In his pictorial imagination, the very artifice of style, of images already processed through art, became the means to explore social and political systems, human foibles, geography, architecture, language and, of course, art itself.

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Siobhan said...

Cool! That bathtub one is great! :)